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AIRPORTS offers personalised pick-up services at Almería, Granada, Malaga and Seville airports.


PORTS offers personalised pick-up services at Almería and Málaga ferry ports.


ORGANISED TOURS offers taxi services to anywhere in Almería and Spain, in total comfort and security and at competitive rates.


BUSINESS corporate services including airport transfer and pick-up, local and long-distance business trips, document pick-up, daily commutes, etc.


CHILD SEATS child seats to suit all weights and ages to ensure your young companions travel safely and comfortably. Please specify your needs in the contact form.


PET CARRIER CASE offers pet carrier cases, for dogs and cats.
Please specify your needs in the contact form.

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ALMERIA| uses a fleet of hybrid vehicles

Hybrid vehicles produce lower emissions than conventional vehicles running on gasoline or diesel, reducing air pollution and damage to the environment.

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About Almería


Town Hall

- Address:: Plaza de la Constitución, s/n, 04003 Almería
- Phone:: 950 210 000

Tourist Office

- Address:: Calle Alcalde Muñoz, 12, 04004 Almería
- Phone:: 950 210 538 / 950 280 748

Map of Almería

- Download:: Plano de Almería.

Bus/train station

- Address:: Plaza de la Estación, s/n, Almería, 04006 Almería
- Phone:: 902 432 343 / 902 320 320


- Address:: Ctra. Níjar, km 9, 04130 Almería
- Phone:: 902 404 704


- Address:: Muelle Levante, s/n, 04071 Almería
- Phone:: 950 254 217 / 950 236 033

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